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Onigiri YA
Onigiri YA4 hours ago

We are looking for new staff. Please apply via our website!👩🏽‍🍳🧑🏼‍🍳❤️🍙

Probably Kombu will be back to our lineup in a few weeks. Let’s see!🙈✨☺️😋🌱
We are open after 17:00 and we close when onigiri are sold out!!💃🍙✨
Come by to pick your favorite before they are gone!!🇳🇱♥️🇯🇵🎊

【Today’s Onigiri】 🍙
Salmon €2,50
Chashu €2,50
Tuna Mayo €2,50
Karaage €2,50
Unagi € 2,80
Spicy Shrimp €3,00
Wakadori €2,50
Ikura €3,00
Devils €2,50
Matsutake mixed €2,50
Mentaiko €2,80
Kampyo🌱 €2,50
Wasabi & Cry 🌱€2,20

【Today’s Miso Soup】 🥣
Wakame & Tofu 🌱 €2,00l..

  • star rating  Very tasty, well done, generous portions and incredibly cheap. I tried the salmon onigiri and was absolutely spot on!

    avatar thumb wiselyfair

    star rating  We've been here several times, and we'll keep coming here whenever we're in the neighbourhood.

    The owner is very friendly, and more importantly, very good at making delicious Onigiri.... read more

    avatar thumb marcels235

    star rating  Very nice place
    Owner welcomes you like family member
    Food is amazing like in Japan
    Home made and fresh fish
    I warmly recommend

    avatar thumb Marie B
  • star rating  I was a bit sceptical about this place since they only serve rice balls but I decided to go because of the good reviews. Onigiri Ya! is a rather small... read more

    avatar thumb 616bobm

    star rating  visited this marvelous place 3 or 4 times during my one week stay! just couldn't get enough! listen all people: food can be called legally Japanese ONLY if it's prepared... read more

    avatar thumb Victoria R

    star rating  One of my favorite places to eat in Amsterdam! The onigiri is always fresh and delicious, and the owner is a lovely person! Very cheap and quick to eat on... read more

    avatar thumb soberanddelicate
  • star rating  Lovely onigiri for a quick snack on the go, and the miso is tasteful and really hits the spot! Also like the new sweets and treats, and that you can... read more

    avatar thumb J2019F

    star rating  It was a more strange than good, to eat the roll in such format. as the result nothing special, rolls are better.

    avatar thumb Vitaliy_Nazarov

    star rating  Went there to grab something for the road. The rice ball (definitely not sushi) was really tasty and really cheap especially for the location. The owner was really friendly and... read more

    avatar thumb georgevin
  • star rating  This is a dope and authentic onigiri place, onigiri and miso soup for 2 euros! Great for a quick lunch, and the owner is super nice and cute. Recommend!

    avatar thumb brusselizzy

    star rating  This is a Japanese restaurant that you won’t miss at Amsterdam. There is no ramen, no sushi, no bubble tea, but Onigiri ! Simple but fresh . A real taste... read more

    avatar thumb yafla00

    star rating  We went there twice. All Fresh made and basically once made sold out. We and our kids loved it - like in Japan!!!!

    avatar thumb Sebbosan
  • star rating  This place is simple! But great, the owner is super nice, he was friendly and welcoming, he new lots of locals that came in to get a couple of Onigiri,... read more

    avatar thumb Mat J

    star rating  If you are chilling around the pijp and a small but tasteful bite is what are you looking for, Onigiri YA is the place where you mast stop at! ... read more

    avatar thumb ceciliap220

    star rating  We know de Pijp area is famous for it’s multicultural foodism. With authentic restaurants from all over the world.

    This small shop with hand made onigiri is a real... read more

    avatar thumb tan1415